St. Simon Island – A Little Slice of Heaven

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Lailan and I recently took a quick trip to St. Simon Island, GA. As much as we’d love to keep this place to ourselves, we are exploding with enthusiasm for the island and we just have to share our experience. We bid on this trip at a charity auction in KC and somehow won and now we’re really glad we did!


We flew into Jacksonville and made the quick one hour drive up to St. Simon Island.  We actually stopped along the way at Jekyll Island which is a blog post unto itself. After crossing the causeway (which is pretty cool for a flatlander) and coming on to the island, we checked in at the King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort. We loved this hotel and who wouldn’t? It’s right on top of the best beach in the area. The room was great, the food was great, the service was great.  I could go on and on, but here are few of the highlights of our visit:

  • King and Price Golf Club – super fun course.  Hole #9 – that’s all I’m saying.  I could play that sweet dogleg around the lake over and over and over…
  • Cafe Frederica – welcome to a friendly and delicious little southern breakfast spot, y’all. Wow. Kiss the diet adios for a day.  We were “all in” on the cheesy grits and the signature cinnamon roll. Amazing and perhaps one of the friendliest darn spots on earth.
  • The Echo Restaurant – why go anywhere else for dinner when you can enjoy a great meal right on the beach?  We heard this is the only restaurant on the island that’s allowed to operate on the beach. Whether true or not, the view was too good to even think about going anywhere else.  Grouper.  Order anything with grouper.  Yup.  And, ask them why it’s called The Echo – pretty cool story.
  • Christ Church – unfortunately, we blew it on the timing and we did not get to go inside the church.  Check the schedule, but I think it’s only open from 2-5 pm most days. The church, the Spanish Moss and the cemetery are incredibly beautiful.
  • Fort Frederica – right down the road from Christ Church is a national park site called Fort Frederica.  It’s worth the stop.  Watch the 20-minute film and you’ll learn some cool stuff about the border war between the British Colonists and the Spanish.

We are so grateful fate led us to St. Simon Island, GA and I’m so glad the Hawaii girl was able to dip her toes in the ocean! We will go back.

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