The Easter Bunny – Then and Now

Easter PhotoI hope you had a wonderful and blessed Easter. We certainly had a nest-full with our oldest bringing home three friends with him from Fort Riley (Army base) to spend the weekend and to celebrate Easter. A one-year old German shepherd was also along for the visit! One of the things we wanted to do with his friends was to take them down to our famous Country Club Plaza here in Kansas City to see the ceramic, life-sized bunnies that have displayed every Easter season back to 1922. As I was thinking about the Plaza bunnies, I remembered a photo of our boys that we had taken many years ago with “Bryan,” one of the guy bunnies. I recall that being important at the time.  Anyway, I thought how fun would it be to find that photo and have the boys recreate the exact same scene with the same bunny sixteen years later? To my delight, our boys were willing to help go along with this marvelous plan. There was no whining or complaining about it at all. And, the boys even seemed to have fun meticulously recreating the same pose. Oh the joys of adult children!:) I love that we can all have fun together – even if that means recreating silly Easter bunny photos!

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