The Golf Course Is My New Beach


When Phil and I became Empty Nesters, one thing we decided to take up together was the game of golf. Phil had played a little growing up, but I had never picked up a club if you don’t count putt, putt golf!:) With Alzheimer’s in my family, I knew I needed to keep learning new things to keep my brain active. So, I decided to “learn” the game of golf! Since taking golf lessons with girl friends about four years ago, I have literally fallen in love with the sport for so many reasons. Here are a just a few of them:

The golf course is my beach – Growing up in Hawaii, I was a swimmer and body surfer. I know it seems crazy, but to me, golf is a lot like being at the beach and striving to catch the anticipated awesome wave. You may sit for a while waiting for that perfect wave or you may catch some dud waves. Just as in golf, you will make some really dud-worthy shots, before making a great shot. But, when you connect with the ball and make a great shot, boy, it is a true rush! For me, it’s just like catching a great wave! The rush keeps you coming back for more – sounds like an addiction to me, but I think it’s a good addiction! Beaches are beautiful and golf courses are equally as spectacular. Many times while out golfing, I’ll turn to my husband and jokingly comment, “the waves are pretty good today!”

It’s a walk in the park while occasionally stopping to hit a little white ball – Whenever I play golf with either Phil or girlfriends, I always try to walk. Some courses are definitely more walking-friendly than others. I love being able to cross off “exercise for the day” after playing. I would much rather walk through a beautiful park, aka golf course, than walk inside on a treadmill. You also get a little extra workout in by pushing a cart around. Phil just bought me a new pushcart since I have already blown through my old one. He has his and I have mine. We purchased ours from Costco.  golf push cart

Valuable Time with Adult Kids – When our boys were little we had a lot of fun playing tennis together. We would play doubles – parent/kid vs. parent/kid and then it switched to parents vs. kids as the boys got older. Now, I love playing golf with the boys because we have time to have some really good chats while on the course together. We can cheer each other on and console each other too when one of us hits that dud-worthy shot. There are a lot of life-like lessons to be learned playing golf. Just as in life, you have up and down moments. You hit some good shots and then some not so good shots. Golf requires focus and hard work! And, you have to have perseverance and resiliency. Lots of great lessons to reinforce in adult kids. And, you definitely have to have a sense of humor playing golf . Hence, the silly family selfie.

Good, Fun Social Time with Friends – When our boys were younger, we just didn’t have the time to spend out on the golf course with the guys involved in sports and other activities. But now we do have time!  Evenings and weekends are now available for Phil and me to enjoy with our peers. I love getting together with other couples and playing golf. I love watching husbands lovingly encouraging their wives and vice versa. Team and scramble events are perfect for no pressure fun! And, of course, a glass of Chardonnay always tastes especially yummy after a round of golf with good friends!

Love Being Outside – I love, love, love being outside playing golf. Mainland winters are especially tough for this Hawaii beach girl so any opportunity to be outside when the weather warms up, I jump on it! Of course, my passion for the outside and playing golf, means a lot of sun exposure. Although I try to play either early in the mornings or later in the evenings, I still try to use as much sun protection as possible. I know I may look silly when I wear it, but I LOVE my giant sun hat I wear while golfing.FullSizeRender-3

It’s a little unconventional, but I am obsessed with it. It helps protect my entire head, face, and shoulders from the sun. And, it serves as a nice umbrella if ever we’re out on the course and it starts raining!.  I purchased the hat from Costco, and I actually own 2 of them!:)

Golf – Easier on the Older Body – As mentioned above, I used to play a lot of tennis when our boys were younger. I do still love the game, but I got really tired of the aches and pains associated with playing the sport – pulled muscles, twisted ankles, and tennis elbow. I think golf is much more forgiving on my body. I so admire our older family and friends who are still out on the golf course playing, and I hope I am still out on the course in the years ahead swinging away, cheering on my fellow players, fairway dancing, and catching a “great ride” every once in a while!:)FullSizeRender-8

Great for Long Car Ride Breaks – In an earlier couples golf post, Phil talked about how we now love to play golf when we travel. Check out post here. We have recently discovered too, that we now love to take our golf clubs along when we go on long car rides. On our way home from Breckenridge last summer, we discovered a golf course along I-70 in Limon, CO that sits just off the highway! It was truly a spur of the moment decision to pull off and play nine holes at this cute, little golf course. It was so fun to stretch our legs and break up the long, ten hour car ride home. We have now decided that we are going to pack our golf clubs if ever we have a long car ride anywhere. And, we may or may not have aspirations to play all golf courses along I-70!:)  Just say’n!

Limon, Co Long Par 4

A Wonderful Life Journey – And finally, golf is simply a wonderful life journey. For me, it’s definitely not about the scorecard. It‘s about the beautiful walk in the park, precious time with family and friends, encouraging each other, lifting each other up, trying your hardest, focusing, learning, persevering, and truly appreciating that beautiful shot, or, for this beach girl, that great ride on a that beautiful, perfect wave.

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  1. Oh, how I enjoyed spending a few minutes with you at your new beach. Golf is so much more than a sport for you; therefore, you get so much more out of it. Plus, Costco has a pair of dynamic spokespeople when they need them. And, I love that hat. Xoxo


  2. Lailan, my dear old pal! I am so enjoying your blog! Scott and I have vowed to play golf as we retire and on through retirement…but first, I need to learn it! It’s so funny that I have decided this for all of the reasons that you have listed before I even read all of your reasons! We are striving to find something that we both can do and we both love being outside so why not?! Lessons in golf to come! xxoo-Marf


    1. Yea! LOVE hearing this, Marfie! Be sure to grab some friends to join you as well. And, you of all people would so enjoy the beautiful grounds of golf courses! Golf trip 2018!:) Let’s go!!!!:)


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