Costco For Two – Top Products July 2017

Thanks for the huge interest in our previous list of awesome Costco products. Fortunately for us, and hopefully you, there are so many fun Costco products to feature that we’re back with another compilation of favorites! Without any further delay, here we go:

Molinaro’s Pizza KitLailan: Two thumbs up for this pizza kit we were told to try!  It is a winner and perfect for two!  We used the sauce provided in the kit, added a little pesto sauce and then added grilled chicken, tomatoes, artichoke hearts, spinach, and a little mozzarella cheese. We grilled ours outside on our grill. The extra crusts stored nicely in the fridge. Phil: This is another good one for the guys out there. It appears super healthy given the above ingredients, but when Lailan eats two slices and I eat the rest, maybe I’ve over-achieved on the calories a bit. But, hey, it’s got spinach on it so I’m good! We tried it and we liked it!

Pizza Kit1

Chopped BBQ Ranch Salad KitLailan: I do love my salad kits sold at Costco! This new kit has not disappointed and has quickly become a favorite meal for Phil and me. Again, we’ll just add either chicken or salmon and it makes a perfect summer meal. Phil: OK, so we’re eating a lot of salads these days. That’s good. All I’m saying is this one rates pretty high up on the list as the BBQ ranch dressing brings it home!

Chopped Salad

Vitafusion Women’s Vitamins Lailan: I love these little gummy vitamins. I feel like I’m getting a little treat every time I take one.  Perfect for something a little sweet after a meal. They are so yummy! Phil: I tried one of these one time. But I got sort of emotional. Haha. Back to my men’s one-a-day vitamins, fish oil and red rice yeast tablets!

Womens Vitamins

Kirkland Unsalted Mixed NutsLailan: I recently read that buying nuts at Costco is a great deal! Phil and I love these Kirkland Brand Extra Fancy Unsalted Mixed Nuts. They are filled with Cashews, Almonds and Pistachios. If ever I’m needing a little snack, I’ll grab a few nuts out to the container and away I go. Love that they are unsalted as well. Phil: Lailan deftly forgot to mention that pecans are also included in this mix. I hate pecans and I know I’m in the minority on that. I just have to pick my way around the pecans, but I swear this giant container of nuts must be 90% pecans! It’s not, but it sure seems like it! Bring on the cashews, baby!


Dave’s Killer BreadLailan: This bread is so yummy! We had heard about it and finally tried it! It is delicious and high in protein and omega 3’s! It comes in two loaves so you can freeze the other loaf until ready to use. Phil: I made a grilled salmon sandwich the other day using this bread and it was awesome! A little pesto, a little spinach, some mozzarella between two slices of Dave’s Killer Bread and I was feeling pretty gourmet.

Dave's Bread

Mary’s Gone CrackersLailan: OK, these crackers are truly addicting! I can’t eat just one! They are so flavorful and high in whole grains, fiber and omega – 3’s. Also, they are perfect if you are gluten free! Phil: These crackers are good, but I’m just saying, they need guacamole or cheese or hummus or just about anything. I try not to take these straight – good, but they need a topping.

Mary's Gone Crackers

Emergen-C Vitamin CLailan: These are the Vitamin C packets I use every morning in my “Morning Concoction.”My very favorite flavors are the Tropical and Strawberry Kiwi! I’m so glad they are finally selling these flavors at Costco. When I travel, I always take packets along with me. Phil: I’m not a regular user like Lailan, but the minute I start feeling a cold coming on, I start hitting the Emergen-C and I’m sold. This stuff works and it really does taste good.


Premier Protein Drink – Lailan: OK, here are the premier protein drinks many of you told us about on our last post! We picked some up and are anxious to try your recommendation! Thank you! Phil: Pure “bro-tein” in a box!

Protein Shake

Mrs. Thinster’s Cookie Thins – Lailan: Oh my gosh, these cookies just are SO GOOD! They literally melt in your mouth! I also use them in my key lime pie crust. I’ll crumble up about 10 cookies and add it to the crumbled graham crackers. They give the crust a little coconut flavor to go along with the lime!:) YUM! Phil: I can’t tell if these are cookies or pie crust. I see them in the pantry, but I can’t eat them because I’m pretty sure Lailan wants to use them for pie crust. If I crack open the sack I’m sure I’ll be in the dog house. I guess that’s just as well because these are so good I know I would eat the entire sack!

Thinster Cookies

Pretzel Crisp Lailan: These Pretzel Crisps are wonderful! We love these with any kind of humus! Perfect little appetizer. Phil: These on the other hand are not used as pie crust. I’m free to eat the entire sack. Not that I’ve really done that or anything!

Pretzel Crisps

Just for fun:  Very Berry Sundae or NonFat Yogurt Phil: we are usually very good about ignoring the long line at the Costco fine dining station, mainly because we see the calorie count for the pizza or the $1.50 bratwurst special (although it’s probably because Lailan is so good at reminding me how bad that is for me.) But every once in a while, especially in the middle of hot summer days, it’s pretty hard to ignore the non-fat yogurt picture screaming out your name! But, remember, this is Costco for Two, so given the large serving size, splitting one is the way to go!

Costco Yogurt
Giant menu board that screams out “Swirl, swirl, swirl…”

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