Be Creative and Have Fun! Yoga Mantra for Halloween!

Sue Park Halloween Yoga

Yes, everyone was smiling this morning as we walked into our yoga class and there greeting us at the door was no one other than a blonde Yoko Ono…. aka Sue Park!   As the class started, and in the spirit of Halloween, Sue encouraged us adults to listen more to our inner child and seek ways to add more creativity and fun to our lives. Yoga, she said, just as in life, does not have to be serious all the time and needs to be balanced with light-heartedness and laughter. And so our practice was filled with the sounds of Thriller, Spooky, Ghost Busters, Phantom of the Opera, and The Adams Family to name just a few. I’m still smiling as I think back on what Sue said and the fun we had as a creative, joy-filled class this morning.

Also, Phil and I are so excited to be sitting down with Sue over the next few weeks and having her share with us the many benefits of yoga particularly for our 50+ age group. We will then compile all that we learn and share it with you in a Think Beyond the Nest blog post. Sue is one of the leading yoga instructors here in KC and has truly inspired many of us, and I am looking forward to sharing more of her insight into the positive role yoga can play in each of our lives. Namaste and Happy Halloween!

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