KATY Trail 2020 – Phil and Kai’s Most Excellent Adventure

My son Kai and I finally rode the Katy Trail. Perhaps COVID and the change in “normal” activities finally pushed us into action, but after at least five years of saying “we should ride the entire Katy Trail someday,” we completed the 225-mile bike ride from Clinton to St. Charles, Missouri. We thought we’d share... Continue Reading →

Road Trip Ice Cream Challenge

The Road Trip Ice Cream Challenge began earlier this year on a drive to St. Louis. We were with our son, Kai, and we were reminiscing about when the boys were young and how on every road trip they begged for an ice cream cone - especially when seeing a Dairy Queen sign. You don't... Continue Reading →

Pickleball Craze Hits the Empty Nest

The sport of pickleball has officially been in existence since 1965. But like many things that originated on the west coast, it took over fifty years for pickleball to find Phil and me. Now that we’ve given it a try, we have yet another activity to pursue in our empty nest years.  Pickleball is a... Continue Reading →

A Few Colorado Hikes – Now and Then

When you live in Kansas, an obvious and popular summer vacation destination is Colorado - one state over and a straight shot on I-70. I mean that literally. You only need to turn your steering wheel twice. Once as you veer northwest past Oakley and then again as you turn left at Colby. OK, I'm... Continue Reading →

Destination: Symphony In The (Flint) Hills

It's Symphony In The Hills time of year here in this neck of the woods. Many of you have probably been. But since tickets usually sell out on the first day they become available, perhaps an equal number of you have not attended. It's an amazing and incredibly unique experience. It sounds like a cliche,... Continue Reading →

How To Survive a Red-Eye Flight

First, let's assume you're not flying first class.  If you are, congrats and read no more. If you happen to be a commoner like me, please read on.  As many of you know, for the past six years I have been making treks out to Hawaii to check on my mom who lives in a skilled nursing... Continue Reading →

Bicycling Built for Two

Ever since I was a little kid riding my orange Schwinn Sting Ray with the classic banana seat, I've always loved getting out on a bike (I still call a bicycle a bike, even if that's confusing to you Harley riders).  There's nothing quite like a little speed, feeling the wind on your face, all generated... Continue Reading →

St. Simon Island – A Little Slice of Heaven

Lailan and I recently took a quick trip to St. Simon Island, GA. As much as we'd love to keep this place to ourselves, we are exploding with enthusiasm for the island and we just have to share our experience. We bid on this trip at a charity auction in KC and somehow won and now... Continue Reading →

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