Why We Love Trader Joe’s – And It’s Not Just About Food or Wine!


Like many of you, Phil and I have been long-time fans of Trader Joe’s, and more so recently since we have become empty nesters. It’s hard to believe our Leawood, Kansas store opened almost seven years ago! Yes, Phil and I have our favorite TJ items that we will share with you, but I first wanted to highlight something that has really endeared me to the store even more – the customer service.

About a month ago, while I was in the store, I picked up a sympathy card for a friend who had recently lost her parents in a terrible accident. As I was paying for my items, the checker commented on the sympathy card I had found. (By the way, does it seem the Trader Joe’s checkers always comment on what you are getting?:)) We started chatting about the reason I was purchasing the card, and before I knew it, the checker was telling me how sorry he was and handed me a beautiful bouquet of flowers! I was completely blown away by the kindness and thoughtfulness of that employee and awed that he had the freedom to easily do something like that without having to first consult a manager. The expression of thoughtfulness displayed by that TJ’s employee that day made a lasting impression on me and made me wish we had more companies with this kind of warm, friendly and “going above and beyond” type of customer service. Thank you for the inspiration, Trader Joe’s!:)  Continue reading

The Rules of (couples) Golf

IMG_8053 (1)

Golf is a silly little game I’ve been playing on and off for most of my life, but my love of the sport has gone to a new level now that Lailan has taken up the golf bag. Lailan started playing a couple of years ago and is now more obsessed about hitting the course than anyone I know. It’s something we have fun doing together and it serves as a great physical and mental challenge – both very good things in the empty nest life.  So, if you currently play or might be thinking about this as a couple’s activity, here are few thoughts and ideas we’ve picked up along the way: Continue reading