Be Creative and Have Fun! Yoga Mantra for Halloween!

Yes, everyone was smiling this morning as we walked into our yoga class and there greeting us at the door was no one other than a blonde Yoko Ono…. aka Sue Park!   As the class started, and in the spirit of Halloween, Sue encouraged us adults to listen more to our inner child and seek... Continue Reading →

Empty Nest Marriage Tips From Ghandi – Guess We Should Listen!

The Today Show, and author Bela Ghandi, published a short article a couple of days ago on some common challenges married couples are likely to face when all of the kids have left the nest. Our mission is to “think beyond the nest,” so it only makes sense for us to share these great tips.... Continue Reading →

TBTN Book Club: His & Her Favs

Women are pretty good about organizing and religiously attending book club month in and month out, even if we all know it's really about the food and wine. We know some guys have participated in book clubs, even if we know it's more about the food and scotch. Our sense is the women still excel... Continue Reading →

Costco For Two – Top Products July 2017

Thanks for the huge interest in our previous list of awesome Costco products. Fortunately for us, and hopefully you, there are so many fun Costco products to feature that we're back with another compilation of favorites! Without any further delay, here we go: Molinaro's Pizza Kit - Lailan: Two thumbs up for this pizza kit... Continue Reading →

The Golf Course Is My New Beach

When Phil and I became Empty Nesters, one thing we decided to take up together was the game of golf. Phil had played a little growing up, but I had never picked up a club if you don’t count putt, putt golf!:) With Alzheimer’s in my family, I knew I needed to keep learning new... Continue Reading →

Teen/Young Adult Suicide – There’s Always Hope

Unfortunately, suicide and teen/young adult suicide in particular, is a topic we are experiencing and seeing the effects of way too frequently. Our hope with this post is to do just that - offer a bit of hope and highlight a few organizations that are trying to do something to help save lives.  We encourage... Continue Reading →

A Few Colorado Hikes – Now and Then

When you live in Kansas, an obvious and popular summer vacation destination is Colorado - one state over and a straight shot on I-70. I mean that literally. You only need to turn your steering wheel twice. Once as you veer northwest past Oakley and then again as you turn left at Colby. OK, I'm... Continue Reading →

Costco for Two – Top Ten Products: June 2017

You know the Jeff Foxworthy bit about "You know you're a redneck when (fill in the blank)? We now bring you the Think Beyond The Nest version, based on the idea that ever since becoming empty nesters we've seen our shopping habits at Costco dramatically change.  We've had to be much more thoughtful about what... Continue Reading →

How to Combat Pre-Surgery Anxiety and Fears

It's still so hard for me to believe that seven months ago I experienced open-heart surgery. When I was eight years old I was diagnosed with aortic stenosis.  My aortic valve was bicuspid and should have been a tricuspid.  I was told to go live my life normally, but one day I would need to... Continue Reading →

Destination: Symphony In The (Flint) Hills

It's Symphony In The Hills time of year here in this neck of the woods. Many of you have probably been. But since tickets usually sell out on the first day they become available, perhaps an equal number of you have not attended. It's an amazing and incredibly unique experience. It sounds like a cliche,... Continue Reading →

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